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Posted on April 29th, 2013

Case Studie 1

How I Made $2800 In 7 Days From Scratch

This is my story about how I made $2800 in a niche where I had no list,no joint venture partners,no money to spend on paid advertising ,no knowledge of the topic and no significant experience of internet marketing..

After struggling to create substantial income with various moneymaking methods,finally,I decided to create a product in dating niche.This is an evergreen niche,full of desperate people who are easy to turn in to buyers.

To get the topic for the product as well as getting ideas for the content I typed “Dating Forum” in the Google Search box.The search produced results something like this:

I choose to visit the result no.8.This site is named PlentyOfFish.com and has

several million members.I clicked on the link and went to the forum index page.It has a link called “Broken Hearts”.I choose this section to pick up a topic for my project

When I click on that link I see the following threads:

I choose to go to that thread.It has sufficient no. of views as well as replies.So I was certain that I have choosen a good topic for my product.When I click on the link to thread ,I see one post like this:

See how desperate this OP is! He wants her ex back at any cost . Most guys who responded to this post are advising him to get over his ex and move on with life but none of them has been able to convince him yet. So I PMed him something like this:

“Hey Scottnoon,

I saw your post and understand your situation. I can fully relate to your feelings as I was in your position a couple of years back .I was even more desperate than you and wanted to kill her as well as myself. My trauma continued for full three months until I found this Guide. This little gem is a boon for people in position like us.

I applied the methods outlined in this report and got my Ex back within next 2 weeks. I am certain that you will get your love back even if she has moved over with someone else. You can take a look at the Guide here(link to your sales page).

Wishing You Great Success,

Your Friend

{Some Real Sounding Name}”

A PM something like the above one got almost 70% of the prospects visiting my site and about 50% of them actually bought my report.So overall I made around 400 sales In the first week at the price of $7…..That was around $2,800 in bank.Not bad for a first timer.

The best thing was that I built a list of around 500 proven buyers that I afterwards used to get JV partners and do a proper launch of another one of my products.

This kind of personal contact produces greater results than posting a general advice in forums. You can find plenty of such posts in every high traffic forum and if you can present a solution to their problems at a low cost, there should be no problem in getting the sales.

If you can somehow find the personal e-mails of the prospects then even better(You’ll get the opportunity to close the deal in follow ups if it does not happen in the first chance).But remember to mention where you saw their posts and discussions.

This same technique was responsible for generating me most of the sales during my first launch. You may be wondering if it worthwhile to contact someone personally.Yes,it is.You’ll find hundreds of such prospects at any big forum in any niche. You can always use the “Template Message” given above to contact such prospects(remember to customize the messages before sending). It also gives you the opportunity to build a subscribers list even before the person buys your product which will prove your biggest asset in the long run.

Please note that whenever you apply this technique,you should always approach only “Targeted” prospects.You shouldn’t start messaging every forum member(that may even get you banned from the forum) and you should never sound like you are trying to sell something.Spamming simply doesn’t work here.

While approaching your prospects,you should always sound like you are genuinely interested in their welfare and not someone who is desperate to make a sale.

If you want to save your time,I would advise to find some cheap workers at http://microworkers.com , https://www.mturk.com or any other freelancing site.

You can find scores of them to PM for you at $0.01-$0.02 per message. I still feel that I could have generated 5-10 times more revenue with my first product if I had outsourced and scaled up this work.

This method has got some serious potential,as there are millions of forums in every major niche.With a decent priced product(may be an affiliate product too) and a little outsourcing,you can easily make $500+ per day with this method.

I didn’t use any other promotional method during my first launch but you should.I have found over subsequent launches that Article marketing ,video marketing ,craigslist posting as well as Yahoo! Answers also produce same great results and are perfectly suited to the newbies.

When You go for article marketing and video marketing, story telling approach works best.Create articles and videos describing how you were facing some deadly problem,then you found that product and it solved your problem.But never try to blatantly advertise your product.You can use the same method while promoting affiliate products.

While reviewing your own product,you may like to use the sneaky “affiliate recommendation” technique:

This method is simple.You create a review site(A simple blogger blog would suffice) where you review 4-5 products in your niche,as the authority sites do and give your product the highest rating.You shouldn’t sound like the product belongs to you.This is always a win-2 situation for you.First,it works much better than you promoting your product as a merchant.Second,you make money even though your visitors’ prefer your competitors’ products over your’s.

While Posting on craigslist,You should always make bold promises otherwise it will be very difficult to get any attention among the heap of postings.While applying these above mentioned methods,I would suggest you to go for outsourcing.If you are tight on money,you can do all the work yourself in the beginning.But once you start seeing profits,re-invest a part of it in your business.This will free up most of your time and you’ll be able to concentrate more on other important points like finding JV partners and building your list further.

So this is how I created and sold my first product.I was more bent on getting quick cash then so I sold that site on “Sitepoint” for $6000.The price was OK but I could have got a lot more from the sale if I knew how to negotiate better.

If you really intend to sell your site for upfront cash then I would advise you to consult the “Site Flipping Manifesto” and “Blog flipping Fool” guides that I have included as bonuses.

Case Study No.2:

My success with the first product provided me enough motivation to launch a second product within one week of selling my first site.This product was in the same niche and was on a similar topic .

Again it was a short report and low priced.I got some JV partners in the due course and offered them 75% commissions.Actually I wasn’t acquainted with any of the advanced stuff you just read in this guide,so everything was pretty basic.

Though there were 23 JV partners ,none of them had a list of more than 1,000 prospects and I am not fully sure if all of them sent out the promotions( I made the big mistake of not providing any promotional material to my partners).

Nevertheless I was satisfied with the results of the launch. It generated more than $4,000 in pure profits in the first 24 hours.The net profits stood at about $14,000 in 7 days.

After the launch was over,I sold that site at Flippa for $21,000.So in total I made around $35,000 from that tiny launch.

Now $35,000 may not sound that much to the established marketers but I think it is still a lot of money for a complete beginner.

Case Studies Of My Students

A few weeks after I launched the original “Emergency Cash Method” at the Warrior Forum,one customer of mine questioned the income claim saying that making $1,000 in 24hrs was impossible for a newbie.

I took the challenge in my stride and selected two of my previous customers to provide personal guidance.At that time,both of them didn’t have any kind of experience about “product creation” and “product launches”.They were out of their jobs and desperately needed some cash to pay their debts.

The name of one was Usha Raju and the other was Paul Chow.

The Story Of Usha…

Usha used to be an executive director in a mid sized company.But she resigned from her corporate job to take care of her family.

Initially she thought that she would be able to support her family by working as a freelance writer.But the cut throat competition and low wages forced her to take credit card loans and soon she found herself under huge debt.

The credit card companies were threatening to take over and sell her property and she urgently needed at least a few thousands dollars to keep their agents away.

Overall that was the worst phase of her life and I have never seen a more desperate person in my life.

Many times desperation helps us in achieving feats that we would not have dreamed otherwise.

She had done CPA marketing beefore and had pretty good knowledge of that subject. Also CPA as very hot then.So I advised her to create a product on CPA.

She sat for a day and completed a 45 page report within 24hrs.Creation of the sales page was just a matter of couple of hours.Then we collected some testimonials at the warrior forum…….Overall, we finished everything within 36hrs.

Now it was time to implement the techniques of the “Emergency Cash Method”.We could have gone with the conventional traffic techniques but keeping in mind that she didn’t have much time,we decided to put it up as a WSO(warrior special offer) in the warrior forum.

There was no difficulty in getting it approved and it started bringing money within a few minutes of going live.

Her WSO was a success and she was able to make around $1,600 in the next 3 days.

I know that $1,600 is not much but just ask a person in her position how much it meant to her.

The Story Of Paul…

Paul was a victim of the economic slowdown.He had lost his job and was in urgent need of some help.He tried several courses and programs but instead of making a single penny,he kept on depleting his bank accounts.

Paul bought my WSO when it was run as the “WSO Of The Day” and took the advantage of my

“Personal Guidance” offering.

Over the time I found that Paul is an extremely hard working person.My intial suggestion to him was to create a 40-45 page mid sized report but he went out of his way to create a 85 page e-book filled with top quality content.

Within 4 days,he came back with the e-book and sales letter ready.After getting a few testimonials we decided to run it as a WSO………and it soon became the hottest WSO of that time.In the first week of going live ,it was selected as the “WSO Of The Day” and Paul made around $3,000 within a week.Moreover Paul built a list of several hundred customers from that WSO.

Though I accept that these are not ground breaking figures and experienced marketers are making hundreds of thousands from product launches,they illustrate the fact that any person ,regardless of his educational background and experience in internet marketing ,can make a job killing income on internet with proper information and guidance.

So these were a couple of real life success stories of the “Emergency Cash Method” users.These people made a few thousands even without doing a proper product launch and the best thing is that they are still enjoying passive income from the products they created during that time.

Now after going through all the methods and reading the case studies,you shouldn’t have any excuse for not making money…..Don’t postpone,just start right now.

Just imagine about the day when you’ll no longer have to go to that BORING day job and bend before that BLOOD SUCKING boss! Just think about the joy you’ll feel when you’ll be able to buy that “Dream Home” or take your family out on a vacation!

The best way to get the things done is make a action plan everyday and complete it within the time specified.Remember “A goal without a time limit is not a goal”.Set realistic goals and achieve them within the time frame.

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